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Travelers Do Live in the “Real World”

Is working 30 hours a week and traveling to different cities and countries on weekends any less “real” than working 40+ hour weeks and living for the weekends? This question of what is the “real world” and

Traveler for Peace: Je Suis Paris

“What can one person accomplish in the face of the vast forces that run our world? The current of the times can seem so fast flowing and complex as to be overwhelming.”  Daisaku Ikeda In the wake

The Wonders of Scotch…

Tape, that is. How could something as simple as a piece of clear scotch tape be used to inspire awe and wonder? The answer to that, I’ve learned, is limited to a person’s imagination and determination. In

Separating with Love

Why is it that you always hear or read about messy breakups, sudden breakups, or bored breakups, but you never seem to hear about the one that I now find myself having to go through in a

Searching for Home

What does it mean to start a home? What does it mean to feel at home? Just two years into living abroad, with the thrill of experiencing new places, a new culture, and a new people, I was surprised

Life Lessons from the Farm

The train may have been picking up speed as we left the city, but the pace of life outside was slowing down. I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief as I left the infinite slabs

Why I’m Going Back to Spain

I hesitate in writing this because my mind changes every five seconds and it’s still early in the year, with several upcoming, exciting ventures around the corner. But it’s also that time of year where decisions about

Figure Out Your Happy

What is happiness? Our assembly line education system tells us that happiness comes in the form of the “American Dream.” We go through all of the stages, hit all the mandatory points: school, college, grad school, internships, ladder,

Battling Unkindness with Kindness in NYC

To the woman who was so angry she chose to drop trash on my friend’s shoulder, thank you. Thank you for reminding me that my mission is to spread kindness in this world. Thank you for reminding

Finding My Rock To Steady Me

We’ve all had our share of every type of breakup and none of them is ever easy. Even those where you part ways with nothing but love can easily become sticky entanglements of emotions. I found myself