The world is colorful, wide and bountiful and the stories hidden in its depths profound. World into Words aspires to capture the allure, essence and vivacity of the globe and put them into words. It is my sincere hope to encourage others to explore their surroundings and connect to those around them. Travel, and simply opening our eyes and truly seeing, allows for endless opportunities to connect with people, heart-to-heart, and to learn and grow as individuals. The stories of the world to follow will always be written with that principal thought guiding my pen (and typing fingers!).

Putting into words what I feel, see and experience, I also hope to inspire others through my own personal stories of challenge, growth and joy. In times of struggle or confusion it always helps me to seek out stories of others that reassure me I am not alone. I humbly offer my own stories with the hopes that they will reassure anyone out there who may be experiencing similar questions, obstacles, etc., that they aren’t alone either.

Bueno, venga! Explore, wander, and lose yourself in the captivating pages of World into Words.